My audio chapter for If Loving You Was Easy is available now!

I am happy to announce that you can now listen to chapter one- Janet on YouTube
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How many relationships end well??

Stop and think about all your past relationships… How many of them have ended well? I’m sure very few, because if they ended well you would still be with that person.
What makes you end a relationship? Many of us exhaust all options. We try and try until we have nothing left… Then it’s time to start it all over again!

What would you do if your partner consistently cheated on you, and kept apologising and promising never to do it again?

How would you tell your bestfriend that you are in love with them, and always have been but have been too scared to tell the truth?

Would you still be able to maintain a friendship with a man who unknown to you made you the ‘other woman’, got you pregnant and is still with his fiancée?

Relationship should not involve this much drama!!! But the characters in If Loving You Was Easy do… Come and find out how it all unfolds…

Real life, real situations, can you relate?



Matching partner Tattoo’s- Stupid idea!!!

I saw this article and I needed to comment!

Why do people get tattoo’s of their ‘partners’ not husbands or wives on their body? I think it is so stupid! A tattoo is for life, so wouldn’t you want to make sure that the partner is too? No marriage does not guarantee forever after in this day and age, but it is supposed to. Its supposed to be more secure than just a ‘partner’!! 😕

So now if their relationship does not last the test of longevity, the tattoo will OR they will have to have it covered up or surgically removed AND the person who they do actually marry later down the line, will always know that they were not the first! The ring finger is tarnished and not even by divorce!!! They will have to do a Katie and Peter!!! Lol

Future and Ciara Get Matching Tats



Following my dream….

How many of us have had a dream been too scared to act on it?
It is about time we take action and invest in ourselves to make our dreams a reality…

Since I was eight years old I always wanted to publish a book. I used to spend hours upon hours writing stories. Dreaming of that one day I would see my name on the shelves of a bookstore. Now today I have a published book… I’m an author!!!! Yeah!!!! That was the first step to my legacy. But the hard work was not over… Actually it had just begun…

Taking the big leap into the publishing world has been a journey. One which has cost me a lot of money, but one which I do not regret.

My son is proud of his mum, my parents are proud of their daughter and all my friends and family believe in me and my dream. It was worth it!

If loving you was easy is an overnight sensation (in my eyes) lol. It has inspired others to follow their dreams and I know that when I die, my book will remain, my words will live on.

What will your legacy be?